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Cats act like they don’t need attention, they think they’re all independent little beings, but deep down all the fluffiness, they just want to be cuddled and they want their bellies rubbed… but only for about 2 and a half minutes, then you can go away for a minute and return to the belly rubbing activity, then stop after 30 seconds, and then start again for like another 15 seconds. Ugh, so frustrating, we know, we’ve all been there! But that’s just the way they are, that’s their nature and we have to respect it and learn how to behave in order to improve our relationship with Mr. Whiskers.

Let’s share some tips to bond with our kitty cats:

  1. Body Language, or as I like to call it: catty language

This is all about reading your cats emotions, we understand if you purrefer to fly a jet… just kidding, it’s not as hard as we think it is, here’s a little guide about tails that we hope you can find useful.

Tail up means happy, it’s time to get one of those interactive cat toys and play!              

Tail down means he or she might attack, just run away!

Tail tucked between legs means they’re scared. Put all the cucumbers away!



Tail up with fur on end it means STAY AWAY, I don’t know what you did but your kitty is really upset and they’re trying to scare you away.

Tail moving slowly back and forth… nope, it’s not the same as dogs, it means your four legged bud is feeling curious, maybe there’s a fly on the wall.


Tail moving fast back and forth is another warning sign, it means your cat is very irritated and might act aggressively… just go to your room, do your thing and let them calm down.


  1. Respect your cat’s space

Cats are NOT dogs, we still don’t seem to understand that fact, they don’t want you all over them at all times, let them sleep in peace, let them lay on the floor and don’t bother them, they deserve their own “me time”.

  1. Spend time with them

We know it sounds a bit contradictory but you can’t just leave them there alone 24/7, after learning a few things about catty language you’ll know when is a good time to just sit right next to them, pet them or even give them a gross hoomin hug. They wanto to feel loved, but not too much, but sometimes yes, a lot, but the next day just stay away…


  1. Play time!



  1. Good quality food

Try different foods until you find what he or she likes the most, a healthy cat is a happy cat and a happy cat is most likely to love the hoomin that feeds them!

  1. Brush time!

BUT only if they like it! Not all cats are the same, so you better learn to know what your enjoy, but brushing their fluffiness is a nice way to bond with your pet.

  1. Teach them some tricks

Yes, cat can learn tricks too, it takes a lot of time and patience, but in the process you’ll get to know your kitty and you’ll become best furriends. Remember: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!





    1. Keep your kitty comfy

    Cats are all about naps, they love to sleep and a nice beauty nap is going to keep them in a good mood, so you better give them a nice cat house or a good place to rest and maybe when they wake up they’ll want a full 5 minute belly rub.

    Everyone who’s ever had a cat knows they are not easy to deal with, in other words: cats are crazy! And we’re crazy about cats, so we better learn how to act around them and how to love them the right way!




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