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In a world where we have stress enveloping us every waking hour, we all are looking for ways to lessen this burden. While many go for a vacation to combat stress, some of us have found our solution in the local animal shelter.

In the numerous furry friends at the center, you can find yourself a new family member and discover the countless ways that cats make life better - just like our cat-inspired rings and jewelry.

Put together by cat lovers; these are 6 proven ways in which cats make life better -

  1. They help you sleep better

Studies endorse that a cat curled up on your bed helps you sleep better. Ask any cat mama, and she will agree that the slight weight on your coverlet somehow helps her sleep well.

Our Inspiration: crafted to showcase a sleeping, curled-up kitty, our statement jewelry ring has a crystal cat claw which symbolizes this comfort.

  1. They reduce stress and anxiety

At one time or another, all cat lovers have enjoyed the special kitty welcome right at the doorstep. Nothing feels better than your tabby encircling your legs after a long, endless day at work.

Our Inspiration: This cat wrap ring is a must-have piece of jewelry which is inspired by the stress buster hug of your cat. Now you don’t have to wait for the kitty hug till you get home, MissMeowni’s cat-inspired ring can brighten up your entire day.

  1. They encourage you to get up and play


A frolicking kitten often inspires you to slow down and play with him. While you can’t chalk this up as vigorous exercise (and switch it with your gym schedule), it helps you move and play on a regular basis while helping you forget your worries at the same time.

Our Inspiration: MissMeowni has designed this quirky ring to look like a playful cat to immortalize the cat’s frisky character - forever in silver.

  1. They ease loneliness and provide companionship


The hectic urban life can get a bit lonely, especially if you are far from family. Cats are low maintenance pets that can keep you feeling loved and happy, even with crazy work or college schedules.

 Our Inspiration: Keep this little memento wrapped around your finger to feel the love wherever you go. Designed with the smile of the Buddha this kitty face will calm you down and get you through the day.

  1. They help you make friends

Bet you never thought that you could expand your social circle because of your cat! Having a feline is a great way to connect with other like-minded people. Now how do you identify other cat lovers in the non-cat world – through cat motif accessories of course!

Our Inspiration: Wear MisMeowni jewelry like this ring with a cat and a heart and broadcast your cat mama status. Let’s hope someone interesting picks up the signal - Finger crossed!

  1. They are easy entertainment and improve your mood


Now, who hasn’t tripped out on cat videos! If the millions of views on YouTube videos are anything to go by, cats provide the best entertainment. But cat owners don’t need to watch videos; they have a ringside view to a bunch of kitty antics to keep them entertained all day long.

Our Inspiration: This ring with a cat climbing your finger is the purrfect jewelry depicting this playful side of them.  

 This awesome meow-chandise of fabulous cat rings jewelry is just to underline what we always knew that cats make the best buddies. However, this is just a small selection, head over to our Cat Ring section for more designs and details.



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