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Stop consulting the weather guy about your outfit choices, whoever said scarves were only meant to wear on winter was crazy… or had only wool scarves, because they are the purrfect apparel for every season of the year, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, if leaves are falling off trees, if flowers are blossoming and everything is full of colors or if it’s sunny and hot outside, a scarf –cof cof, sorry- a CAT SCARF is always a good idea!

There is an enormous variety of scarves out there: designer scarves, cashmere scarves, super expensive scarves, super ugly scarves and super extra beautiful, adorable and elegant cat print scarves, and today we want to show you 5 of them… yes, only 5, sorry about that, it would take us the whole internet to show them all! We’ve selected our favorite ones and hopefully you’ll like them as much as we do.

Go take your credit card because you won’t resist getting one, two or all of them! Let’s start:

The Cats In Red Bow-Tie Scarf


Oh my cat, look at that pattern! This one is definitely a fashion treasure, it is elegant and serious with a touch of cuteness and fun, just imagine this beauty with a white shirt, black ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers… absolutely fab! The purrfect accessory for a monochromatic outfit with a little red to make you stand out and shine!

The Cats Clowder Scarf - Pink


Sweet and delicate, this cat scarf says “crazy cat lady” and screams “STYLISH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN... WHO IS ALSO A CRAZY CAT LADY!” This one will bring sophistication to your closet, with not only a gorgeous pattern, but with a color that combines with almost anything you choose wear!

The Cats Clowder Scarf - Blue

Match the color of the sky with this stunning cat print scarf. This one will give you an extra touch of elegance, for both casual and a bit more formal styles, you can wrap it around your neck in one movement of the hand, or you can learn a few tricks with knots when the occasion demands a little more effort and elegance. But in the end, it doesn’t matter how you choose to wear this beauty, you’ll be the envy of the whole crazy cat lady squad!

The Cats Clowder Scarf - Black


No other color is the new black! Yes, Netflix, I’m talking to you! There isn’t a more elegant and versatile color. This scarf goes great with tees, shirts, jackets, blazers and even a swimming suit, if you learn how to tie it right! There is like a million of diffurrent outfit combinations you can achieve with this spectacular accessory. Did we talk about the adorable pattern?


The Cats Clowder Scarf - Beige

This one is a must-have for every cat lover… actually, all the others were too! Beige will never go out of style, it is an elegant and classy color, and when combined with black cats, it becomes a fashion jewel you should have!

There isn’t such thing as “too many cat themed stuff,” there’s always enough room for another cat scarf in your closet or your drawer. You’ll look fab with any design you choose to buy, we can assure you that!


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