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"Just let me read the paper first...you tend to wrinkle it."

smart cat reading newspaper-MissMeowni.com
Source (cats.org.uk)
Jack likes to think of himself as a sophisticated cat, but when you read the paper first it leaves wrinkles, that crinkle; that's distracting and fun...how dare you.

1 Fish and 1 Fish gives me, a full belly.

cat doing fish math- MissMeowni.com
Source (petmd.com)
Every kitten must start with the basics.


When will they ever listen?

cat teaches baby- MissMewoni.com
Source (memecenter.com)
They start to mentor us at a very young age, but humans are stubborn and always learn the hard way.


"I will be the downfall of the hoomans!"

evil plotting cat- MissMeowni.com
Source (memecenter.com)
I think more than a few fur buddies study this same book for the same purr-pose...and we give them so much love. 

"I'm still waiting to get to the instructional part...must be written by humans."

Cat reading Mockingbird book- MissMeowni.com
Source (addfunny.com)
Maybe the title of the book is a little deceiving, but kudos to this cat for taking it upon himself to further his education.

"I haz acheezed the highezt level...now reward?"

Gaming Cat on DS -MissMeowni.com
Source (thedistractionnetwork.com)
Cats must think we are silly for the empty satisfaction we receive from electronics, virtual rewards...how upset would a cat be for a treat made from only graphics?

"What now, stupid?"

stubborn cat ignores human -MissMeowni.com
Source (bobbiblogger.wordpress.com)
This guy has a point,  it only makes sense for humans to seek out what they want in life...not yell expecting it to appear in front of them.

"It's called 'Agility Training', duh."

funny cat run can -MissMeowni.com
Source (stuffpoint.com)
If the humans would only take such care to keep their agility training up then their owners would also have a hard time catching them.

"I must stop the learning experience, it's gone too far."

cat sleep on laptop -MissMeowni.com
Source (1funny.com)
Cats always seem to try to interrupt us during work, throwing themselves in the way...is it out of fear that we may learn too much and they will no longer be intellectually superior?  Or maybe it's just because they want our hands to only pet them and not this clicky, clicky noise maker.


 "Don't move, they don't see, don't move, don't move...did I blink?"

Camo cat blends with cow -MissMeowni.com
Source (attackofthecute.com)
This guy knows the secret is to sometimes just blend it.  The less drama you get yourself involved in, the easier it becomes to relax.

You don't say?

Monocle cat sir -MissMeowni.com
Source (playbuzz.com)
"My dear friend, we can all be civil here...now, provide the essentials and give me your chair and there will be no fight today."

"Bill, you have to think at least three plays ahead."

Cats playing chess- MissMeoni.com
Source (www.cutestpage.com)
Oh the things cats could do if they had opposable thumbs...like play chess, right?

Education is the best Foundation

cute kitten glasses -MissMeowni.com
Source (buzzfeed.com)
Even kittens know that education is the basis of your future and knowledge is the key to success in everything, so take your studies serious.


"Who me?"

cat on toilet- MissMeowni.com
Source (reddit.com)
Even like the human population, there are always going to be some that fall just below the curve.


"Shut your mouth when you're talking to me."

grumpy cat wants smart people -MissMeowni.com
Source (hercampus.com)
Like the ruler in most households, the cat will have the last say.
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