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First off we have Grumpy Cat because everyone knows and loves this cat.

grumpy cat's story- MissMeowni.com

Source (grumpycats.com)

Grumpy cat is actually named Tardar Sauce who is a mixed breed cat that isn't grumpy at all despite her sweet face.

Next up, Maru the cute box cat.

Maru loves boxes -MissMeowni.com

Source (facebook.com/maruthecat)

Maru is a Scottish fold cat that loves boxes and doesn't care how big or small they are and the Internet loves to watch what he will do next.

Nala aka the surprised cat looks so adorable.

nala surprised cat -MissMeowni.com


Nala is a Siamese and Tabby Mix that has captured the love of the Internet with her surprised face.

Hamilton the Hipster cat is relatively new to the scene, but we can't get enough of this sweet cat.

Hamilton the cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (facebook.com/HamiltontheHipsterCat)

Hamilton the Hipster was a rescue and his amazing mustache is quite a sensation.

Pudge is the sweetest grumpy looking cat the world has ever known.

pudge the cat -MissMeowni.com


She is exotic short-hair cat that took the world for storm with her muted sass and sweet little face.

Sam the cat has eyebrows and the Internet just can't get enough of his sweet worried expressions.

sam the cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (lovemeow.com)

This five year old cat has the world wondering, are they real? Yes, very much so. Sam has eyebrows and the Internet just adores this cat for it.


smoosh takes a bath -MissMeowni.com

Source (facebook.com/smooshblog)

Smoosh is rumored to be best friend of Lil Bub and is an expressive short hair exotic 9 year old cat.The Internet has fallen in love with his sweet face and so have we.

Lil Bub has raised lots of money to help pets with special needs and he's so freaking cute.

lil bub special needs -MissMeowni.com

Source (lilbub.com)

Lil Bub was born with many disabilities and one of them is 'perma-kitten', which means she's stuck being the size of a kitten, with kitten features; but it also means many things don't work like they should. Luckily she has an awesome owner that takes good care of her and helps use her disability to make a difference for other cats with disabilities.

Colonel Meow is an internet sensation that isn't easily forgotten.

rip colonel meow -MissMeowni.com

Source (kittentoob.com)

Even though Colonel Meow has passed on, this Himalayan-Persian crossbreed quickly soared high as an internet cat and still lives on through his many images.

Snoopy the Cat, last, but not least.

snoopy the cat -MissMeowni.com

Source (facebook.com/snoopybabes)

He is an exotic short hair with a sense of fashion and the world loves him!

Here is a YouTube video that has even more glimpses at these sweet cats and more.

We can't wait to see what the internet finds for us next, because these cute cats never disappoint!

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